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California Institute of Etiquette

Our mission is to provide seamless human connections within different generations and cultures through universally-accepted contemporary etiquette training. California Institute of Etiquette’s customized programs can make a difference for your business. Acquiring good manners and proper etiquette empowers your staff with personal power and confidence.


Business Etiquette

It takes more than an MBA and a dress-for-success wardrobe to move up the corporate ladder in our diverse and rapidly expanding global society.


Dining Etiquette

Dining Etiquette will give you the confidence to enjoy any business or social occasion whether it is a sit-down meal, a buffet, a reception or a special invitation dining event.


New Graduates

Our programs will help new graduates with seamless transition from college to the professional world, by gaining an understanding of the workplace and how to present themselves professionally.

Recent Client Testimonials

“Shashi is fantastic, I had just started at a new job and was in need of a class that could be a good refresher for me about my self -presentation and dining etiquette. It was a one on one class which was great for me, or you can do a group class. For me it was great because I got serious one on one time to ask questions and learn at my own pace with Shashi. Had a great visual slide show and also takes you to a real restaurant where your skills you learned in the class are put to the test! It was quick and efficient.  I fully recommend taking a class with Shashi. Very educational and professional!”
Madeline, Walnut CreekAccount Executive
“I came across Shashi for hands-on in dining etiquette. She was extraordinarily thoughtful about the presentation and I appreciated that she was willing to adapt her presentation and style to accommodate my specific needs. Shashi was communicative prior to the event, flexible throughout the demonstration and her passion for this topic was clearly evident. I truly believe the take-aways from the session are bound to make a positive impact on my style and approach. I highly recommend Shashi for polishing business/networking or dining etiquettes.”
Manoj, Silicon ValleySenior Engineer
“Shashi Dosaj from the CA Institute of Etiquette came to our property for a half day training with our team. The entire experience was wonderful. Shashi tailored the presentation to our team and made an effort to connect with each of our team members during the presentation itself. It was informative, professional, and applicable to the day to day interactions we have here in the workplace. Thank you Shashi, for personalizing your service to our team’s needs and making the planning and organization seamless.”
Katie K. , San FranciscoFairmont Ghirardelli Hotel
“This workshop should be part of employee orientation especially for positions with liaison roles. Very targeted and helpful with valuable advice. Thank you for a wonderful course, Shashi”
Gilead Sciences, Inc.Redwood City
“Ms. Dosaj gave our first-year associates a comprehensive overview of fine dining etiquette to help better prepare them for experiences where impressions can have a huge impact. Her presentation was informative, full of useful tips, provided a lot of answers to seemingly random questions, and was a good overall education for anyone needing a refresher on table protocol.”
Program ManagerLeading Bay Area law firm
“California Institute of Etiquette provides workshops and sessions that are second to none. Their keen approach to the importance of mastering the art of proper etiquette is a direct attribute to their success. Under Shashi’s leadership, they have raised the bar of excellence, and have set new etiquette standards by which all like programs are measured.”
Dean TracyNational Recruiter/Career Coach at
“Your Business Networking Etiquette for Success workshop was very informative and relevant for those of us in the business world. I would like to hear more about your other programs for future training.”
M.E. PricewaterhouseCooper LLP
“ISACA board and the rest of the members thought you presented a wonderful and informative presentation. We definitely thought the presentation was a benefit. It taught us to be cognizant of how business professionals view us.”
M.B.ISACA Program Director, San Jose State University
“I’m sure we will be applying what we learned from you. We enjoyed your workshop and it was a pleasure collaborating with you.”
D.T.ISACA President, San Jose State University
“Shashi brings both knowledge and energy to an important and often overlooked topic – business etiquette. If you have a chance to work with Shashi, I believe that you will be as pleased with the results as I am.”
J.G.hired Shashi as a Consultant
“This workshop should be part of employee orientation especially for positions with liaison roles. Very targeted and helpful with valuable advice. Thank you for a wonderful course, Shashi.”
Biopharmaceutical companyRedwood City
“Shashi is very knowledgeable and speaks with confidence. She makes everyone in the room very comfortable. We learned a number of business etiquette tips. These were eye-openers and yet practical. Instructor was interesting and intellectually tuned. Very practical seminar for everyone.”
LafayetteLafayette Chamber of Commerce
“We recommend this course to people new to business and young folks. Shashi is very knowledgeable and helpful. We definitely learned valuable information on mindfulness and etiquette, personally and professionally. Exceeded expectations.”
International ConsulateSan Francisco
“Shashi delivered a very dynamic presentation on the importance of business etiquette. By enhancing one’s knowledge of the proper use of manners and protocol, one can increase their level of success both professionally and personally. Shashi shared with us all the benefits of practicing correct business etiquette. The interactive discussion was very enlightening. We all walked away with great ideas of how to incorporate business etiquette into our daily lives.”
International Association of Administrative ProfessionalsLas Positas Chapter


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