Etiquette Solutions

Etiquette SolutionsToday, decision – makers realize that the personal packaging of people – not just buildings, brochures, and letterheads represents a company. Knowledge of product, credibility, and personality are usually never discovered if those first seven seconds do not go well. Rarely does one get a “second chance”.

Research shows that people who are successful and effective in their careers or business develop not only an expertise in their field, but an overall polish in appearance and behavior. They know how to greet others and make introductions, converse on many subjects, dine with dignity and treat people of all levels with respect. Learning traditional rules of etiquette and decorum in today’s high-speed, high-tech world of business are more important today than ever before. When you are well-mannered and considerate in dealing with others, you create engaging, productive, and long term business relationships. The rules of etiquette can be compared to a common language that all successful people must learn to speak.




California Institute of Etiquette is a soft skills consulting firm that conducts seminars dealing with the strategic planning of the very skills that encompass those first seven seconds. The training focuses on how social skills affect business development. Our customized programs are appropriate for all levels of professionals in corporate and business.


Who will benefit?

Anyone who interacts with clients/customers (both internal and external).


Corporate One-Day Seminar

“The Power of Etiquette in Business” focuses on business etiquette and people skills training. This fast paced full day of training includes Self-Presentation & Image Management, Communications Skills, Dining Skills, Strategies for Business Meals, Netiquette (electronic and social media etiquette), and Staff Teamwork /Interdepartmental Etiquette. Appropriate for anyone who wants to empower their professional presence.