Your Professional Image is Important!

professional-imageAre you maximizing the resources in your organization?

Creating a good first impression and credible professional image is a basic necessity in today’s multicultural business environment, especially to excel in any customer-centric atmosphere. We understand that key factors to the success of any company are the conduct and interactions of its personnel in competitive business and social surroundings.

Are your professionals as effective as they can be?

In the business world today, the emphasis on service is certainly a contributor to organizational success. But effective communication through people skills training assures reinforced credibility, success, and confidence for each member of an organization. Employees thereby increase their individual contribution to the company.

Do the people who represent your company pass the seven second test?

The moment someone sees you, his or her brain starts making numerous calculations: Are you someone to approach or to avoid? Do you have status and authority? Are you trustworthy, competent, confident, likeable? And these calculations are made at lightning speed.

People make eleven decisions about one another – including credibility, trustworthiness, sophistication, desirability, power and competence – within the first seven seconds of meeting, according to research from New York University’s Stern School of Business.

First impressions are more heavily influenced by nonverbal cues than verbal cues. We all want to deal with people who are trustworthy and energizing, who put us at ease and make us feel good about ourselves. Fortunately, these are the very qualities that you can project nonverbally in those first crucial seven seconds.