One-Day Business Etiquette Training

One-Day Business Etiquette TrainingThe impression you make when you meet someone for the first time, influences people’s decisions to do business with you. California Institute of Etiquette has created a unique one-day business etiquette training enhancement seminar that gives you the Power, Presence and Style you need to become and present your best.

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The Power of Etiquette in Business

Our business etiquette training is comprehensive and comfortable. It is held four times each year and people from different companies and industries come together to share their own particular culture and learn from others. Our one-day seminar, for 15-20 participants, can be customized to fit your company’s needs.

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The components of our One-Day Business Etiquette Training seminar

Self PresentationEffective NetworkingDiningCorporate Wardrobe

  • How the first seven seconds impact our success
  • How people perceive you
  • How to engage people with your courtesy, warmth, care, and excitement.
  • How your interactions reflect your character and commitment to quality
  • How your eye contact, handshake, posture, and appearance speak volumes
  • How bad habits create bad impressions
  • How to improve your verbal and non verbal communication skills

  • How to “work a room”
  • How to remember names
  • Conversation skills
  • Handling “props” (plates and glasses)
  • How to shake hands and give out your business card gracefully while holding plates and glasses
  • How to initiate and end conversations gracefully

  • A five course meal that is educational, entertaining, and pure enjoyment.
  • How skills at the dining table reinforce skills at the conference table
  • How to hold and use utensils correctly
  • Strategies for business meals including where to sit, when to order, and when to discuss business
  • Advice on ordering, seating, paying and tipping

  • How appearance translates directly into power for men and women
  • How clothes increase your confidence and the confidence that others have in you
  • What impeccable grooming says about you, your commitment to quality, and your attention to details
  • Does corporate dress and business casual follow the same clothing rules?

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