About the founder

California Institute of Etiquette Founder - Shashi DosajShashi Dosaj is certified by the American School of Protocol in Corporate Etiquette and Children’s Etiquette, as well as in International and Cultural Protocol. Shashi inspires others by teaching etiquette skills to a wide range of clients from CEOs to children.

Shashi has over 15 years of corporate and senior management experience prior to launching the California Institute of Etiquette in 2009. Shashi worked primarily in Silicon Valley in technical, financial and business units, interacting with a diverse array of people from different countries. Shashi understands what it takes to be successful in today’s global, multicultural and multigenerational environments.

Her education includes a Master of Science in Telecommunications Management, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, and Certificate in Human Resources Management, and on-going etiquette training to keep up with the rapid changes and advancements in the current business and social environments.


Shashi’s professional background in technology, business, and etiquette makes her uniquely qualified as an instructor.


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