Generational Differences

Generational Differences teaches employees correct office protocol and interdepartmental work patterns that foster effective communication and cooperation to keep productivity at highest levels in today’s multi-global and multi-generational environments.

Topics include:

  • The four generations employed in today’s workforce
  • Strengths and weaknesses of each generation
  • Connecting and working effectively with each generation
  • Understanding the core values
  • Working together for mutual success and the success of the organizational


Generational and Multicultural Etiquette


Multicultural Etiquette

Our program will help you learn multicultural manners at work. With more than 150 different cultures working together in the USA today, knowledge of multicultural manners is essential to foster respect for diversity. Certain things are not universal. Every culture has its own set of manners, values and behaviors that they consider normal. When traveling, or doing business with people from different cultures you want to make sure you are not offending anyone and know the do’s and don’ts.

Topics include:

  • Multicultural manners at work
  • Detailed tips on avoiding embarrassment at work and at meals
  • Greeting someone from another culture
  • Body language, gestures and verbal expressions
  • Table manners across cultures
  • Gifts


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