Customer Service Strategy

Customer Service StrategyCustomer Service Strategy that caters to customers while also taking company goals into account can help businesses attract and keep more customers and generate larger profits. Several principles of successful customer service are essential to delight your customers. Establish a professional tone while communicating on the phone, email or face-to-face, help calm an angry customer, get customers to cooperate and persuade customers to accept a solution that is beneficial to the company as well as the customer.


Topics include:

  • The “basics” of customer service and telephone courtesy
  • Understand the critical role phone skills play in business
  • Cultivating contact and maintaining human element using e-mail
  • Polish your perception points to create positive impressions
  • Assess customer needs while practicing effective listening
  • Dealing with all personality types with composure and respect
  • How to make a wrong customer feel right
  • Going the extra mile to serve customers
  • Taking care of customer complaints


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